I began blogging in 2017.  My strongest background is in German philosophy since Kant, with a focus on social theory, especially as relevant to the themes of globalization, environmental philosophy, and philosophy of technology.

However, many of my blogs have had another focus. My first focussed blog was a commentary on the fragments of Heraclitus. I completed it within about a year. At some point I plan to revise it. I have had two other major focuses,  both which are working towards books. One is a history of philosophy. The other is an introduction to theoretical issues of ethics. This material supplements my teaching. As I have time, I add to these. As I have prepared for some various conferences, and had occasion to follow my bliss in considering contemporary affairs, I have taken up some other subjects.

My interest in music and art is long-standing. Here, it connects to issues in philosophy of technology and social theory. I’m especially interested in questions such as how technologies in the fields of art and music influence our perceptual possibilities and in how music and art are taken up in social movements. The arts remain under-theorized but are important for everything from thorough answers to questions of rationality to a good understanding of social life. Now and then I’m able to take up these background interests.

This is a work in progress. Early entries will be updated and changed as I find and correct missteps and rework the ways in which I want to present this material. I welcome comments!