The Master of Deception

Out of chaos, more chaos

Trump is a master of deception. He deflects from reality by trumping up fears about imaginary scenarios while ignoring and failing to take responsibility for and deal with real ones. In fact, rather than effectively dealing with real crises, he continually manufactures new ones. Out of a chaos, he creates more chaos.

Trump’s delusions versus reality

    • Trump’s delusion: The streets will be chaotic and filled with violence under Biden.
    • The reality: The streets are chaotic and filled with violence under Trump.
    • Trump’s delusion: Antifa is a severe threat to our safety.
    • The reality: The Alt-Right Trump supporters are a severe threat to our safety. Antifa has been responsible for no killings in the US in records kept since 1994. In the same time Right extremists have killed 329 people.
    • Trump’s delusion: Standing with paramilitary troops in the street is a sign of patriotism
    • The reality: Standing with those constitutionally protected to assemble in our streets and who are calling for more fairness and equality in our policing is a sign of patriotism.
    • Trump’s delusion: The economy will be a catastrophe under Biden.
    • The reality: The economy is a catastrophe under Trump. Trump’s failure to take seriously the coronavirus is costing us hundreds of thousands of lives and billions or trillions of dollars.
    • Trump’s delusion: The Democrats will perpetuate the greatest voter fraud in US history.
    • The reality: Trump is engaged in perhaps the greatest voter fraud in US history, for now suppressing the vote in various ways. And we can wait as he undermines its results with false claims.

The savant

Almost everything Trump does, he does badly. The exception is in creating deception. As a master of deception, he’s a savant.

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